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WEISS HELLAS-INTERNA SA is specialized in the production of metal suspended ceiling systems, special ceiling constructions and high quality lighting fixtures, since 1986.

WEISS HELLAS-INTERNA SA is, and intends to remain, one of the best companies in its sector, through the commitment of its high quality products and the best customer service it can provide. As a part of this commitment, WEISS HELLAS-INTERNA SA, can provide to its customers: technical advices, technology assessment, cost estimation at an early stage, technical and design support.

All of our customers accept that our company guarantees the supply and installation of our products are finished at the predetermined time and within the stated budget. The ability of problem solution in all matters concerning our products is based on our highly standards, our technological capability and the innovations that are constantly being implemented.

All products of WEISS HELLAS-INTERNA SA are being manufactured under the international safety and quality regulations and they have the certificates: MED-D-2055 – CE – MED-B-9360 (WHEEL MARK) – INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR QUALITY AND TECHNOLOGY 1997.

PANEL CEILINGS WEISS HELLAS. WEISS HELLAS-INTERNA SA is specialized in panel ceilings, suspended ceiling systems, ceiling constructions and high quality lighting fixtures since 1986.