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The WC partitions (cubicles) of ATHLON consist of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) panels, which are surrounded by a powder coated aluminum frame and stainless steel fittings.

HPL is a material consisting of multiple layers of paper saturated with thermoset resins and with the combined high pressure (> 7 MPa) and temperature (140-150° C) during the production phase, giving a perfectly solid product suitable for many uses and with outstanding properties. The most important of these is the homogeneity of the material and the very high density that make it impervious to water and chemicals in both the mass and the surface.

Its composition is 70% paper and 30% resins. Its surface is highly resistant to scratches and UV radiation, and can be cleaned easily with any kind of cleanser.

These properties make it ideal for use in wet areas with high hygiene requirements (changing rooms, WC partitions etc.). HPL ATHLON, accompanied by all necessary certificates, is the ultimate brand for WC partitions.

One WC partition (cubicles) of ATHLON consists of:

The cabin’s standard dimensions of WC partitions (cubicles) of ATHLON are 2000mm tall and 1350mm depth. WC partitions (cubicles) of ATHLON can be constructed according to the exact dimensions of the space.

You will find them in a variety of colors and combinations.